Frequently Asked Questions

Deluxe Video Editing

Q: What do you need for the deluxe DVD server?
A: We understand that this is an important project for you.  We will work closely with you via e-mail, telephone, and in person (if necessary) to make sure we get all the details correct (name spelling, who's who, etc.).  Give us everything you have on whatever media you have and we'll do the rest.

Q: What about Chapters and Menus?
A: This is our Deluxe service, please see our "Scene" Page.

Q: My project is very specialized, who much will it cost?
A: We will review the total project and give to a quote.  Because we do so much with many different  objectives, each job is unique and special.  Our prices are competitive but, as with our computers, we are the best so make sure you compare "apples to apples" when you look at other companies.  We have been in business for almost 10 years and we started with nothing, that says something.

Basic VHS to DVD

Q: Can I get multiple DVDs created from a single video?
A: Yes, when you place your order you will have a chance to specify the number of DVD copies to be made from each video?

Q: Do I pay less for volume?
A: You pay $99.00 for the first DVD (basic) and $35.00 for each additional DVD regardless of volume.

Q: How much recording time does a DVD hold? What happens if I am sending in a tape that contains more than a DVD will hold?
A: Each DVD will hold up to two hours of media. When you place your order, if your media contains more than two hours on it (for example a VHS/VHS-C tape with four hours), you will be given the option to create one, two or up to three DVDs for a given piece of media. So, for example, if you are sending a VHS/VHS-C tape with six hours of video on it you can specify at order time to create three DVDs (each containing roughly 1/3 of your video) from that tape. If you do so and also require additional copies, each additional copy (in this example) would mean another set of three DVDs.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: For orders less than 10 DVDs, we will turn around your order within five business days.

NOTE: Rush service is available at order time for an additional fee.

Q: Which formats do you support at this time?
A: At this time, we only accept original tapes in NTSC (US standard) format, AND we do support PAL or SECAM originals.

Q: Do you convert old Home Movies to DVD?
A: We do not offer a film transfer service at this time. We only offer video tape transfer services, at this time. However, we monitor the requests we receive and periodically add services that are most requested.

Q: I didn't know that my tape was of such poor quality. Why did you transfer it?
A: Determining the suitability of a tape to be transferred to DVD is the responsibility of the client. It is a subjective judgment we are not equipped (or paid) to make. If we receive a tape for conversion, we will convert it. The only way we will not convert it is for technical reasons (such as wrong format, tape does not play, etc.).

PowerPoint Presentations

Q: How much will one PP Presentation cost?
A: On average, a 40 page presentation will cost about $500.  Of course, that's from scratch, if you supply us with a presentation that you want "beefed-up" then the cost is less.
We use royalty free graphics and music and we will spend an average of 25 hours on your presentation.  Our presentation employ video, the highest quality graphics, and digital sound.  Ours are the best in the business.

Flash Web Site
Q: What is the process for getting a web site done buy The Computer Magician?
A: We will site down with you and gather all your information.  Then we will create a web site with your supplied materials and present the site to you for your approval.  Once we all settle on the look and feel of the site then we will host it on our servers and do all the paperwork on your behalf.

Q: How muck does it cost?
A: We have prices that range from $200 to $10,000 depending on how much you want your site to be able to do.  If you are looking at Share Point Server or an e-commerce web site then the cost of development goes up.  Make sure you have a good idea of what you want and then we'll help you make it happen.

Q: Do you have site I can see?
A: Look around, we build all our own web sites.  We have a team of professional web designers and advertising maters.  Here are a few sites we have built;

The Computer Magician LLC (e-commerce)
Bowman and Krieger Law (e-commerce) (e-commerce) (e-commerce) (e-commerce)
The Lincoln Magical Society
Signature Services Inc.
Your Web Site!

More about Video and Payment

Q: How will the quality be on my transferred material?
A: We use the highest grade equipment and transfer mediums available. That said, you will always be limited by the quality of the original material you send us. Do not expect your VHS transfer to DVD to have DVD quality, it will have VHS quality (with very little loss due to our sophisticated transfer process) on DVD.

Q: How are you able to produce reorders?
A: We produce a single archive copy of each DVD we ship (per our Terms). This accomplishes two things: First, if for any reason the shipment back to you were lost, we can create another DVD in-house (we want to minimize any chance of your memories being completely lost). A 'side effect' of having this archive copy is that you can reorder at any time without having to send us your original media again. Rest assured that these are the only two purposes for which we will ever use this archive copy--we respect your privacy. If for any reason you do not wish for us to make an archive copy just indicate that when you place your original order.

Q: How can I pay?
A: Ordering info is on the other part of the site - Paypal is Accepted and Visa and Mastercard are OK if you FAX the necessary info to (402) 436 2432. Billing Address and SIGNATURE are required when you pay with credit cards. Sorry Visa and Mastercard only.

Q: Where and how should I send you my tape's)?
A: Our Shipping Address is:

THE Computer Magician LLC, 1115 K Street, Lincoln, NE  68508


Send Check or Money Order to:

The Computer Magician 1115 K Street, Lincoln, NE  68508

Please allow 2 weeks for checks to clear. Money order payments sent within 4-8 BUSINESS days via 2 day priority mail.